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How Virtual Quest Work

1. Start

You can find all virtual quests on the virtual quest page and you can simply just pick one. Click play to start the virtual quest.

2. Play

The virtual quest will tell you your missions and you can do your best to accomplish it. To continue click on the button for a reply.

3. Score

There would be multiple choices including help. Help will cost you points. Overall, you’ll be scored based on your performance and time to complete.

How to join

Create Account

You can register quickly with your social account or you can register with an email. As soon as you have an account, you will be able to play all the virtual quest for free.


All quests are available for you to start on virtual quest page. You will be able to start any of the trails at anytime you like, challenging your mind everyday with trivia and virtual treasure hunts.


You will start solving the puzzles, riddles and AR to complete the virtual quest and trying your best to score as high as possible.

Score & Collect Badges

Finally, you will be given a score based on your time and performance. The best will be on top of the ranking board. You will also be awarded with badges according to your scores.


Currently, trails are only available in English.

No. Virtual quests are played using a digital host who will guide you on a story, revealing puzzles, clues and locations along the way. Virtual quests are made up scenarios and not based on any real event whatsoever.

Virtual quests are played on a web browser, so you can use any device connected to the internet. For the best experience though we recommend using a smartphone.

Your progress in quests are saved on your device using cookies, should be able to continue where you left off .