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Best Brunch Cafes In Barcelona

Best Brunch Cafes In Barcelona

If you're in Barcelona and you're a late morning person, here are the best brunch cafes in Barcelona to wake you up to a brand new day.

5 Best Brunch Cafes In Barcelona

Barcelona is a famous city in Spain known for its football, art and architecture. But that’s not all! Barcelona has delicious food and desserts too! So, if you’re a late morning person, here are the best brunch cafes in Barcelona to wake you up to a brand new day.

Here are the best brunch cafes in Barcelona!

1. EatMyTrip Brunch & Bakery | C. del Consell de Cent

You should EatYourTrip here in EatMyTrip Brunch & Bakery if you are looking for an instagrammable and colorful cafe. This beautifully decorated cafe is the masterpiece of the creative owner Genia. 

Her love and passion in food is obviously seen in her crafted French Toast topped with cotton candy, vegan pancakes and homemade caramels. 

The cafe’s classic dish is Thai Eggs where they incorporate marvelous food presentation and delicious taste. Their coffee is a must-try too as it is from coffee specialty SlowMov.

2. El Flako Corn Flakes & Co. | Carrer dels Canvis Nous

Reminiscing your childhood favourite corn flakes? Well, now you can have your favourite breakfast in this colourful cafe in Barcelona. 

Decorated with everyone’s favourite vintage cereal boxes, El Flako Corn Flakes & Co. is the place to entertain your kids and enjoy a simple yet pretty breakfast. 

Other than cereals, you have the options of porridge, milkshakes, yogurt and gelato top with your desired toppings and fruits.

3. The Egg Lab | Carrer de Sepúlveda

If you are an egg-lover, then you couldn’t miss out on this brunch cafe that specialises in egg dishes. 

From bagels with eggs, pancakes with eggs and egg sandwiches, I’m sure you couldn’t make up your mind which to choose. But no worries, because you should really try their signature egg benedict. 

In fact, they have different flavours of egg benedict from all around the world such as the Surfing USA benedict, the China Town Benedict and the Tuk Tuk Benedict.

4. Molinet Cafe Antic | Carrer d'Elkano

From the name of the cafe, you could’ve guessed that this is an “antique” theme cafe and you are almost correct. 

One of the owners of the cafe likes to collect vintage furniture and ornaments and this cafe is where he showcases his collections. 

Apart from the retro vibes in the indoors, the back of the cafe hides a little patio filled with plants and herbs that truly give you a refreshing greenery amidst the city. 

This cafe provides both deliciously sweet and savoury dishes but the cakes are to-die-for! 

The cakes are homemade and you shouldn’t miss eating them if you visit there.

5. Itacate | Carrer del Comte Borrell

Itacate is a hidden little gem in Sant Antoni. This cosy cafe focuses on healthy food, so there are a lot of options for vegans and vegetarians. 

Beverage wise, they provide a few choices of smoothies and hot drinks like turmeric latte and matcha. 

In particular, they brew their own kombucha. It is one homemade drink you couldn’t miss when you visit this cafe.

5 Best Brunch Cafes In Barcelona

Best Brunch Cafes In Barcelona that you should not miss.


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