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Best Dessert Cafes in Tokyo

Best Dessert Cafes in Tokyo

Tokyo is a busy city filled with stress. How else can you de-STRESSED without DESSERTS? Here are some of the Best Dessert Cafes in Tokyo!

5 Best Dessert Cafes In Tokyo

Tokyo is a busy city filled with hustle and stress. How else can you de-STRESSED without DESSERTS? From gelato, cakes to parfait and pancakes, dessert always make the best of our days! Lucky for you there are many Best Dessert Cafes in Tokyo.

Here are some of the best dessert cafes in Tokyo!

1. Nanaya Aoyama | Shibuya

Best Dessert Cafes in Tokyo
Image by Arigato Japan

Are you a matcha lover? If so, you have to visit this dessert shop! Nanaya is originally a green tea company based in Shizuoka, that’s why they have a wide range of matcha gelato. 

In this shop, you can try various matcha flavours ranging from their intensity. In fact, you could challenge the deepest matcha flavour! 

Other than gelato, you can find matcha cookies, matcha chocolate and even matcha daifuku (matcha mochi).

2. Hidemi Sugino | Kyobashi

Hidemi Sugino is one of the famous pastry chefs in town so it would be a waste if you didn’t pay a visit to his cafe when you’re in Tokyo. 

This cafe is located at a quiet street in Kyobashi and is named after the chef. Sugino specializes in baking delicious cakes like layered mousse cake, sponge cake, jams and creams. 

In fact, some of the cakes are so delicate that they can only be eaten in the cafe itself because they are easily collapse being out of the room temperature.

3. Saryo Tsujiri Daimaru | Tokyo Station

This tiny little tea-house style cafe is just the right place for green tea lovers who at the same time is a sweet-tooth! 

The signature desserts of the cafe are matcha, genmaicha and houjicha parfait complement with layers of cakes, red bean, gelato and topped with jelly cubes and rice cake. 

These parfaits are like all-in-one treats for a dessert lover because not only you can taste the cakes but also gelato and toppings as well. 

The cafe sells top-notch tea as well as fusion tea beverages such as matcha lemon. Don’t forget to bring home some souvenirs and tea bags from the little souvenir shop beside the cafe.

4. Sembikiya 千疋屋 | Ginza

Sembikiya is a luxury and well known fruit store in Japan. The fruits sold here are extremely exquisite and of course expensive. 

In fact, they have their own cafe making delicious desserts using their own fruits. Parfait is their signature dish where they would use seasonal fruits to make it. 

Other than parfait, you can find shaved ice, fruit sandwiches, pudding a la-mode, fruit punch and fruit anmitsu which is a famous Japanese dessert.

5. Shiawase No Pancake (A Happy Pancake) | Shibuya City

Image by Takaaki via Tripadvisor

Shiawase no Pancake is the place where it specializes in making fluffy souffle pancakes. 

These pancakes are thicker than your usual pancake but its textual is fluffy and light, like you’re eating a cloud. 

In this cafe, you can find the best souffle pancake in various flavour like seasonal fresh fruits, cheese mousse with berry sauce, tiramisu and matcha.

5 Best Dessert Cafes In Tokyo!

The Best Dessert Cafes In Tokyo that you should not miss.


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