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Best Summer Flower Parks in London

Summer is the best time to enjoy beautiful flower parks. In London, there's various flower parks that you should not miss!

Best Summer Flower Parks in London

Summer is the best time to enjoy beautiful flowers in London. It is the time where roses, lavender, irises, sunflowers, dahlia and many more summer flowers bloom. Here in London, there are various parks that showcase summer flowers, and we don’t want you to miss them!

Below are the best summer flower parks in London!

1. Hyde Park | Central London

As London’s most famous park, Hyde Park is definitely a stop you couldn’t miss! It is a 350 acres park with more than 4000 trees, lakes, meadows and flower gardens.

Hyde Park is one of the best places to enjoy summer flowers in London with its flower beds and various gardens. In particular, the Rose Garden is situated southeast corner of Hyde Park.

Moreover, you can enjoy cycling, jogging, swimming, boating and skating here. Hyde Park is where you can have fun and experience different kinds of outdoor sports. It is well-equip with tennis courts, horse riding and children’s playgrounds.

The Serpentine Bridge, the Joy of Life fountain, Archives statue and Diana Memorial Fountain are the few highlights in this park.

2. St James Park | Westminster

Situated just next to Buckingham Palace is St James’s Park, where it is famous for the Buckingham Palace flower beds.

Come over here to admire the lovely flower beds and to watch the Horse Guards Parade striking smartly in front of Buckingham Palace. St James’s Park is where you can see flower beds more magnificent and colorful than a rainbow.

The other popular landmarks in St James’s Park are the Clarence House, St James’s Palace and Westminster.

3. Holland Park | Kensington

Richard Thomas, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Located in Kensington is Holland Park where it is popular for its spring flower turnip. But fear not, after turnip is the beautiful roses and irises.

Not only that, but Holland Park also has its own awesome Japanese Kyoto-style garden which is the highlight of the park. This park is also the best place to bring your families over because there’s not only a playground but climbing equipment, zip wire and a big see-saw.

4. Victoria Park | Grove Road

Home to Rose Garden and Floral Sunken Garden, Victoria Park is a great place to admire summer flowers blooming alongside the lake while having a stroll.

There are a total of two large lakes in the park with one Chinese pagoda island. Victoria Park is the largest park in Town Hamlet.

5. Regent's Park | Central London

Rept0n1x, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The biggest attraction in Regent’s Park is Queen Mary’s Rose Garden, where it is home to London’s largest collection of roses.

There are around 12000 rosebuds planted in the display. It is a pleasure to admire these colorful roses and take a stroll along with the scented garden.

In fact, summer is the best time to visit this magnificent rose garden.

Best Summer Flower Parks in London

Best summer flower parks in London​ that you should not miss.


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