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Must Try Street Food In Busan

Must Try Street Food In Busan

Busan has a lot of cheap and delicious street food to satisfy you! Here are 8 Must Try Street Food in Busan that is affordable for everyone!

8 Must Try Street Food In Busan

Annyeong! Have you got into your train to Busan? Busan is a big port city famous for its seafood and beaches. But not only that, Busan also has a lot of cheap and delicious street food to satisfy your low-budget plans!

Here are the must try street food in Busan that are affordable for everyone!

1. Ssiat Hotteok

Must Try Street Food In Busan
Image by eunyoung LEE via Pixabay

Ssiat Hotteok is easily the most iconic street food in Busan. You can’t leave this city without trying it because it is literally sold in every street. 

It is a deep fried dough stuffed with various kind of seeds. With sugar, it’s more flavourful and less oily. 

The warmth of the dough and crunchiness of the seeds makes it the best thing to eat on a winter day. 

2. Eomuk

Due to the geographical location of Busan, this city’s seafood is the best of the best in Korea. 

So, the next street food in Busan that you can’t miss out is eomuk. Fishcakes served in skewers and sold on the streets. 

In Busan streets, you can see food stalls with pots of steaming hot fishcakes. Don’t forget to ask for some fishcake soup when you stop by to try fishcakes.

3. Haemul Pajeon

Must Try Street Food In Busan
Image by Matt@CKG via Flickr

Haemul pajeon is seafood scallion pancake even though pajeon or Korean pancake consists of different variations

Moreover, the haemul pajeon is the most popular type of pancake in Busan. This type of pancake is famous because of Busan proximity to the sea. 

Haemul pajeon is made with thick batter, chopped scallion, squid and green onion. Then, it is pan-fried into golden crispy delicacy. 

4. Tteokbokki

Must Try Street Food In Busan
Image by Popo le Chien via Wikimedia Commons

Tteokbokki may seem intrigued to foreigners when they first see it because of its colour. 

The colour of the sauce may look like it’s extremely spicy. Don’t worry, it’s not that spicy. 

Plus, it is a famous street food all around Korea and is best eaten on cold winter days. So, you should try it.

5. Dakkochi

Must Try Street Food In Busan
Image by Chloe Lim via Flickr

Dakkochi is Korean marinated chicken skewers. Essentially, it’s meat and vegetable on sticks, grill to perfection. 

Usually, food vendors grill dakkochi at the roadside or streets, so the passersby couldn’t resist getting one.  

6. Gimbap

Image by jinsoo jang via Pixabay

Gimbap is like a Korean version of sushi. Basically, rice with various ingredients in seaweed wrappings. But, it is often sold uncut, cylindrical.

Particularly, some food stalls would wrap your gimbap with your preferable fillings. It is the best to-go snack in Korea. 

7. Mandu

Image by National Institute of Korean Language via Wikimedia Commons

Mandu is a Korean style dumpling. It is usually filled with chopped vegetables, meat and fine rice noodles. 

Mandu are served either boiled, steamed or fried. This snack is commonly complemented with a sweet or spicy dipping sauce. 

8. Sundae

Image by Popo le Chien via Wikimedia Commons

Sundae is a kind of dark coloured blood sausage that is traditionally eaten on Korean celebrations.

Specifically, it is long tubes of pork intestine stuffed with mince meat, blood and vegetables.

It may seem scary to foreigners. In fact, it gives out strong flavour that might not be the likings of everyone. 

8 Must Try Street Food In Busan

The Must Try Street Food In Busan that you should not miss.


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