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Quest Intro

🔒 Origin Of KL

Storyline: A journey into the roots of Kuala Lumpur allowing you to dive into Kuala Lumpur's history adventurously. You will need to explore Pasar Seni to unravel the story of Kuala Lumpur so you can experience the beauty of this city.

🔒 Outbreak

Storyline: You are an agent from World Health Organisation (WHO) on a scavenger hunt to stop Egor Yuri, a Russian billionaire that has a plan to solve the global warming issues by wiping out 95% of the world population.

🔒 Illuminax

Storyline: You are a part of a secret society but have been expelled because you didn’t agree with their vision. Now, you are trying to stop their diabolical plan but the problem is you don’t remember much about it. Fortunately, you have left some clues behind.